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Eventechnix has been established at the end of 2018 by long-term business partners. We specialize in audiovisual services, video production and wide-ranging events services. Our main goal is to deliver exceptional services for reasonable prices. The company has evolved from our subsidiary IT business which had a huge impact on our progress. Our base is currently located in Prague – the heart of Europe. It is a great location to be able to cover your event almost anywhere in Europe.

We work hard to make clients happy and satisfied at all times. Clients needs are important to us and that’s why we always stand for individual approach. Finding the solution for new challenges is our daily task. Team Eventechnix is dedicated to a proposition of high-level technical skills and a meticulous eye for detail. We are there for you during the planning process until the end, to deliver the desired result.


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Whether it’s a meeting or major event, we have the audio setup for you. We offer various audio visual equipment but we are also ready to connect with audio systems at the venue. Mixers, speakers, subwoofers, wireless microphones, audio recordings, podiums – name it, we have it.


Graphics & Photos

Here at Eventechnix we strive to provide wide range of services to meet all your needs. Our team of professionals knows what is the best for you. Many years of experiences speak for itself, you just need to get in touch and let us amaze you.



Do you have a presentation, video, or just pictures you want to share during an event? Not a problem, we are ready to show them to your audience. Thanks to our previous experience we know best what solution is the right one for you. Wide range of projectors, touch screens and other video equipment are ready for your next conference. We are also able to create video from your events. It will definitely help you to promote your future events.


Recording & Streaming

Our live streaming services allow you to target people in today’s online world. You don’t need live stream? Let us record your conference and share it online whenever you want to. We understand that all events in the 21st century requires extra value for your audience. That is why we tailor our video services exactly to your needs.


Tady bude asi nějaký slogan či podnadpis ...

Eventechnix was established at the end of 2018 by longterm business partners. Our base is curently located in Prague – the heart of Europe. We specialize in audio visual production services and our main goal is to deliver an exceptional services for our clients/reasonable prices. The company has evolved from NBSupport – IT solutions thanks to a growing interest in services provided on top of our core field.

Award nights

The award nights are always special in many ways and it is crucial that everything works as planned. We always deliver the "A" team to guarantee the best possible outcome. Our care for your event is genuine because your success is our victory. Next time you could even try our voting system and make your own "people's choice" award!


Your event, our technix

Do you need a reliable partner who delivers everything you need for your future events? Your new journey of uncomplicated relationship with the audio-video supplier starts today. Let us handle the heavy lifting and focus on planning with one less thing to worry about.

Corporate events

Are you a small, medium company or even a corporation? Are you looking for an AV supplier to cover your events? If you answered YES twice, we can't wait to hear from you. No matter how big your events are, we will take care of it with such a pleasure. Our team of professionals will make life easier for any event manager or organizer.

Meetings & seminars

People these days want more than a seminar organized in the same old meeting room next to their office. Make the best out of the time reserved for company's seminar. We know you want your audience to enjoy the time and to remember the most. Imagine the seminar set up with professional audio system and video equipment. Your speakers and their presentations will shine, proven.

Live Streaming & Webinars

Whether it's a webinar for your employees or a launch of your new product, Eventechnix has you covered. Live streaming is another tool how to let people be part of your conference. We can also give you the option to do an offline production. Using the projectors to show on the screen what's happening on the stage so even the back row can enjoy the show.


As your trusted technique supplier, we know how important is our role for the successful events. Thanks to our experienced team and proven audio-video equipment we are ready for your next conference. We will work closely with your organizing team throughout all events. The set up for each conference is prepared individually and in line with your budget.
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